10 Most Wanted Male Terrorists by NIA

After starting from the illegal business, the steps of being a terrorist are to slowly build your rule, threaten people, and then eventually become enemies of society. It is their job to make people, women, youths into suicide bombers by misleading them in the name of religion or by giving some other personal greed and to scare and ruin cities, governments, and countries with the blasts of their blasts.

Many good people are present all over the world but reckless and unprincipled reprobates are also found everywhere. They are terrorists and they destroy the peace of a country. Many such terrorists are wanted in India as well. Their activities affect the economy and infrastructure of the country along with overall peace. They cause a lot of suffering and therefore they are on the most wanted list of the Indian security agencies. So here is the list of the top 10 terrorists that are most wanted in India. They are charged with serious terror activities in India. The charges against them indicate how they must be arrested and brought to justice. These charges are based on various investigations in connection to terrorist incidents in India. Security agencies in India are looking for these terrorists and they are also considered a serious menace to the world.


Hafiz muhammad Saeed

हाफिज मोहम्मद सईद 1

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed (Urdu: حافظ محمد سعید‎, born 5 June 1950) is a Pakistani Islamic militant, who is a co-founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the chief of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD), operating mainly from Pakistan. In April 2012, the United States announced a bounty of $10 million on Saeed for his alleged role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 164 civilians. While India supported the US move, there were protests against it in Pakistan.Saeed is listed on the NIA Most Wanted list and UN designated terrorist. India has banned his organisations LeT and JuD as terrorist organisations. The United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Russia and Australia have also banned Lashkar-e-Taiba. India has demanded that Saeed be handed over to them by Pakistan but there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. Saeed has denied ever being a leader of LeT and said allegations that he planned attacks in India were baseless.Hafiz Saeed is currently serving an 11 year prison sentence.

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Dawood Ibrahim

दाउद इब्राहिम 2

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar (born 26 December 1955) is a mobster and drug dealer most wanted by India with a reward of $25 million. He is originally from Dongri, Mumbai.He has been previously reported to be living in Karachi, Pakistan, though the government denies it, and heads the Indian organised crime syndicate D-Company which he founded in Mumbai in the 1970s. Dawood is wanted on the charges of terrorism, murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking and various other cases. He was designated as a global terrorist in 2003 by India and the United States with a reward of US$25 million on his head for his believed role in the 1993 Bombay bombings. In 2011, he was named number three on “The World’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives” by the FBI and Forbes.

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Chhota Shakeel

छोटा शकील 3

Chhota Shakeel (born 1955 or 1960) is an Indian crime boss and a high-ranking leader of the D-Company, a criminal group based in South Asia. He joined the D-Company in 1988 under the kingpin Dawood Ibrahim, and is reportedly responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the criminal group. Shakeel became one of the most-wanted men in India after his alleged participation in the 1993 Bombay bombings. He is also wanted by the U.S. government for international drug trafficking. In January 2017, Shakeel was reported dead by multiple sources.

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Masood Azhar

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Masood Azhar (Urdu: محمد مسعود اظہر‎) is a radical Islamist and terrorist, being the founder and leader of the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed, active mainly in the Pakistani-administered portion of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. His actions aren’t limited to the South Asian region, for instance BBC News describing him as “the man who brought jihad to Britain.” On 1 May 2019, Masood Azhar was listed as an international terrorist by United Nations Security Council.

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Major Iqbal

मेजर इकबाल 4

The 2008 Mumbai attacks (also referred to as 26/11) were a series of terrorist attacks that took place in November 2008, when 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an extremist organisation, carried out 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on Wednesday 26 November and lasted until Saturday 29 November 2008. At least 174 people died, including 9 attackers, and more than 300 were wounded.Eight of the attacks occurred in South Mumbai at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai Chabad House, The Oberoi Trident, The Taj Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, The Nariman House, the Metro Cinema, and in a lane behind the Times of India building and St. Xavier’s College. There was also an explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai’s port area, and in a taxi at Vile Parle. By the early morning of 28 November, all sites except for the Taj Hotel had been secured by the Mumbai Police and security forces. On 29 November, India’s National Security Guards (NSG) conducted Operation Black Tornado to flush out the remaining attackers; it culminated in the death of the last remaining attackers at the Taj Hotel and ended the attacks.Pakistan condemned the attacks. Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving attacker, disclosed that the attackers were members of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, among others. The Government of India stated that the attackers came from Pakistan, and their controllers were in Pakistan. Pakistan later confirmed that the sole surviving perpetrator of the attacks was a Pakistani citizen. On 9 April 2015, the foremost ringleader of the attacks, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, was released on bail and disappeared. In 2018, former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif suggested that the Pakistani government played a role in the 2008 Mumbai attack.

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Anees Ibrahim

अनीस इब्राहिम 5

Anees Ibrahim Kaskar is a Mumbai based Indian terrorist, criminal mobster and drug dealer.

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Tiger Memon

टाइगर मेमन 6

Ibrahim Mushtaq Abdul Razzaq Memon (born 24 November 1960), better known by the nickname Tiger Memon, is an alleged Indian terrorist, reckoned to be one of the primary master-minds behind the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case. He is wanted by Interpol and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He is a member of D-Company, a gang led by Dawood Ibrahim. He got the nickname Tiger after helping a petty drugs and weapons smuggler to evade the crime branch of Mumbai Police by driving his car recklessly over 100 km/h on one-way roads.

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Sajid Mir

साजिद मीर 7

Sajid Mir is a foreign recruit member of Lashkar and a key member of Lashkar. According to Interpol Sajid Mir is a citizen of Pakistani origin of 38 years, who is guilty of criminal conspiracies, terrorism and waging war against the country. Headley reports that Sajid Mir asked him to set up an office in India. Its purpose was to create a hideout in India.

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Sayeed Salahudeen

सईद सलाउद्दीन 8

Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah, commonly known as Syed Salahudeen, is the head of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, a pro-Pakistan Kashmiri separatist militant organisation operating in Kashmir. He also heads the United Jihad Council, a Pakistan-based conglomeration of jihadist militant groups sponsored by the ISI, with the goal of annexing Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan. Salahuddin vowed to block any peaceful resolution to the Kashmir conflict, threatened to train more Kashmiri suicide bombers, and vowed to turn the Kashmir valley “into a graveyard for Indian forces.”He is listed on the Most Wanted List of India’s National Investigation Agency. He is named as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the US Department Of State. Salahuddin dismissed the listing as a “a joint move by the US, Israel, and India to express their animosity towards Pakistan.”

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Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi

जकी-उर-रहमान लखवी 9

Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi (born c. 1956) is a Pakistani Islamic terrorist and Islamist who is known as the top leader of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba and currently serves as Supreme Commander of operations in Kashmir and is a member of LeT’s General Council. He is listed on India’s NIA Most Wanted list.
A graduate of Jamia Mohammadia in Gujranwala, an Ahl-e-Hadith school, he has been considered by Amir Hamza, himself a co-founder of the LeT, as “the architect of Salafi jihad in Pakistan”. He has orchestrated terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq and South-east Asia and is referred to as Chachu, or Uncle, by the young trainees.

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