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Antivirus for Android can detect and guard against malware like ransomware and viruses on your device. Protecting your digital life has become extremely important. And it is a necessity if you use an Android phone. Your mobile apps, browsing history, emails, contacts, and more are vulnerable to hackers if not properly secured.
Antivirus software can help by detecting and preventing malware, such as:
Ransomware – A type of malware that restricts access to your files and demands payment to restore access.
Yesware – A type of malware that tricks users into clicking links in their emails and sends spam to the contacts in a user\’s contact list.
Viruses – A type of malware that can modify or delete the data on your device, including on an SD card.
Android antivirus software can help protect you and your device.


Avast Antivirus

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अवास्ट 2

Avast Antivirus is a family of cross-platform internet security applications developed by Avast for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The Avast Antivirus products include freeware and paid versions that provide computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing,...Read More

के 7 अल्टीमेट सिक्यूरिटी इनफिनिटी एंटीवायरस 3

K7 products provide malware prevention and removal during a subscription period and uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features of K7 software include a software firewall, e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. K7 Computing has been developing antivirus software for 16 years.


AVG AntiVirus

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एवीजी एंटीवायरस AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus (previously known as AVG, an abbreviation of Anti-Virus Guard) is a line of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It is available for Windows, macOS and Android.

The brand AVG comes from Grisoft’s first product, Anti-Virus Guard, launched in 1992 in the Czech Republic. In 1997, the first AVG licenses were sold in Germany and the UK. AVG was introduced in the US in 1998.


Avira Antivirus

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अवीरा Avira Antivirus

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG is a German multinational computer security software company mainly known for their antivirus software Avira Free Security. Avira was founded in 2006, but the antivirus application has been under active development since 1986 through its predecessor company H+BEDV...Read More

बिटडेफ़ेंडर Bitdefender Antivirus Free
Bitdefender’s Antivirus Free is a powerful and fast solution that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Android device with the very latest industry leading virus detection. Without slowing down your Android or draining your battery. Simply install on your Android and it’s ready to go—nothing to configure. Autopilot automatically scans any new apps that are downloaded to your Android device for viruses.
कास्पर्सकी Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Antivirus Kasperskogo); formerly known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro; often referred to as KAV) is a proprietary antivirus program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It is designed to protect users from malware and is primarily designed for computers running Microsoft Windows and macOS, although a version for Linux is available for business consumers.

पांडा क्लाउड एंटीवायरस 4

Panda Cloud Antivirus is an antivirus software developed by Panda Security, a free and a paid version are available. It is cloud-based in the sense that files are scanned on a remote server without using processing power of the user’s machine. The cloud technology is based on Panda’s Collective Intelligence. It can run constantly, providing protection against viruses and malicious websites but slowing the system to some extent, or do a system scan.



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लिबरे एवी 5

LibreAV is an attempt to detect malware on Android devices using a machine learning approach that is powered by TensorFlow. We use a two-layer neural network trained with a carefully selected set of features. The neural network is tuned in such a way that it performs efficiently on mobile devices...Read More


V3 Mobile Security

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वी 3 मोबाइल सिक्यूरिटी 6

V3 Mobile Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution for Android phones. Keep your phone and personal information safe with a single touch without draining your battery.


AMC Security

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एएमसी सिक्यूरिटी 7

AMC Security is a security suite that protects your Android device from any possible threats which could put your information at risk.

डॉ. वेब लाइट 8

Dr Web is one of the older antivirus apps and anti-malware apps. It has a decent set of features, including quick and full scans, protection from ransomware, a quarantine space, and even stats. Along with that, it has good anti-theft features, call and SMS filtering, URL filtering, parental controls, a firewall, and more.

बॉडीगार्ड मोबाइल सिक्यूरिटी 9

BodyGuard secures your phone, your data, and your identity in one click of a button with its cloud-based mobile security. VPN – Protect your device privacy, hide your IP address and secure your connection on public Wi-Fi with its inbuilt VPN feature.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a powerful antivirus program specially made to be full-featured security app. With its unique and powerful scanning engine, it can safeguard your android device against malware, spyware, adware, exploits, and viruses.


Dr. Web

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डॉ. वेब 10

Dr. Web is a software suite developed by Russian anti-malware company Doctor Web. First released in 1992, it became the first anti-virus service in Russia.

ईएसईटी मोबाइल सिक्यूरिटी और एंटीवायरस 11

ESET mobile security and antivirus offers comprehensive protection for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux, which means that you can protect a wide range of devices. And not only that – depending on which plan you choose, you can protect multiple devices with the same license. Thus, you can use it on your laptop, smartphone and tablet.


GO Security

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गो सिक्योरिटी 12

GO Security is a freemium antivirus, battery-saver, and cleanup app for Android. I signed up for a premium account to take full advantage of its malware-detection, safe-browsing, and intruder-detection features.



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जिओ सिक्यूरिटी 13

JioSecurity helps you with the following: Protection against digital threats like risky apps. Controls to safeguard your online privacy. Single subscription for up to 10 mobile devices.



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कीपक्लीन 14

KeepClean is all-in-one Android device optimization and antivirus application that integrates the functions of Phone Cleaner, RAM Optimizer, Antivirus, Battery Saver, and more for optimum performance and security. Over 100,000,000 people have installed KeepClean to optimize and protect their Android devices.

मालवेयरबाइट्स मोबाइल सिक्यूरिटी 15

Malwarebytes Premium Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook. 24/7 real-time protection against emerging threats without slowing you down. Advanced antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware & more.

Malwarebytes can protect a device from attacks with a traditional malware scanner that works locally.



McAfee Security

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एमसीएफी सिक्यूरिटी 16

McAfee VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you stay safe on public Wi-Fi and open networks, by providing bank-grade encryption and private browsing. These features protect your online activities and data from cybercriminals.

McAfee Security helps protect against malware threats and identity breaches with advanced identity and privacy protection, and our award-winning antivirus cleaner. Stay safer online with VPN, safe browsing, identity protection, antivirus cleaner & more.

नेटक्यून मोबाइल एंटीवायरस 17

NetQin Mobile Antivirus contains dual-engine scanning, to rid your tool of those nasty infections and also malware.


Norton 360

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नॉर्टन 360 18

Norton uses a massive malware directory as well as heuristic analysis and machine learning to detect malware and provide an excellent level of virus protection. It offers a variety of virus scanning options plus real-time protection to keep malware from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Norton...Read More


Nova Security

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नोवा सिक्योरिटी 19

Nova Security not only provides you a virus cleaner but also offers service to protect your privacy. Nova Security keeps your Android device away from hacking, viruses, and malware. ===Nova Security Highlights=== ⭐ World-leading virus cleaner: Get intelligent diagnosis and ensure your device security with one-tap scan.



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नॉक्ससिक्यूरिटी 20

NoxSecurity makes it possible to protect your Android device from viruses, spyware, rootkits or hackers. Not only that, but the app is constantly updated so that it can keep your device and privacy safe from new threats.


DFNDR Security

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डीएफएनडीआर सिक्यूरिटी 21

DFNDR Security is a free Android antivirus and anti-hacking app that is the main component of the DFNDR product family (there’s also a performance tool and a VPN). With more than 130 million installations worldwide, it’s a popular choice among Android antivirus users

क्विक हील एंटीवायरस 22

Quick Heal AntiVirus is the most excellent product we are dealing with. Their special schemes for us partners are extremely lucrative and we can confidentially claim to have accomplished all of them. Quick Heal is the best antivirus in India and I personally use this product for my laptop, computer and mobile.


Safe Security

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सेफ सिक्योरिटी 23

Trusted by 200 million users, Safe Security is the all-in-one power cleaner, smart speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory storage, junk files & battery power, keeping your device safe from virus.


Lookout antivirus

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लुकआउट एंटीवायरस 24

Lookout is now the only all-in-one security & antivirus app that protects your mobile device, your data and your identity. Stay ahead of any virus with our antivirus features, phishing attacks or other mobile theft breach with the Lookout Mobile Security & Antivirus app.

ट्रेंड माइक्रो मोबाइल सिक्योरिटी 25

Trend Micro Mobile Security is part of Trend Micro User Protection, a multi-layer solution that provides the broadest range of interconnected threat and data protection across endpoints, email and collaboration, web, and mobile devices.

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