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Nowadays almost everyone is fond of films and people spend most of their recreational time watching movies. In modern times, where films are made full of technology and brilliant visuals, then the fun of watching them also comes only in the theater. Today’s multiplex and film talkies, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, are a different way to enjoy film watching.

One of the most favorite leisure activities of people is watching movies in a cinema hall or rather we can say, in a multiplex. India boasts of a lot of multiplexes-a movie theater having a number of screens- that give moviegoers a thrilling experience when it comes to watching cinema. Today many big chains of multiplexes have come up. They are very popular among people and since India is the world’s movie capital, there is no dearth of good movies to be shown on these multiplexes. Here’s the list of some of the spectacular and most famous movie theatres in India. Along with cinema halls, these multiplexes also have swanky lounges, bar, canteen, and kids corner. These are some of the most expensive and beautiful movie halls that are like heaven for any movie buff. Youngsters and families love to spend their evenings here and enjoy some of the best moments of their life.


इनोक्स 2

INOX Leisure Limited (INOX) (BSE: 532706) is amongst India’s largest multiplex chains with 147 multiplexes and 626 screens in 68 cities (as of March 2020). INOX is known for redefining movie experiences in India, each INOX property is unique with its own distinct architecture and aesthetics.INOX Leisure Ltd was given the ‘Technology Adopter of the Year’ Award by Big Cine Expo 2016.


E Square Talkies

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ई-स्क्वायर टॉकीज 3

SRS Cinemas

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एसआरएस सिनेमाज 4

SRS Cinemas is a cinema chain in India based in Faridabad, and owned by the SRS Group . One of the largest multiplex chain in North India with 20 Plexes, 56 Screens and presence in 15 Cities across North India with a total of 14282 seats.It began its commercial operations on 12 November 2004 with...Read More


Raj Mandir Cinema

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राजमंदिर सिनेमा 5

Raj Mandir Cinema is a movie theatre in Jaipur in Rajasthan state in India. Situated on the Bhagwan Das Road, near M.I. Road, the meringue-shaped auditorium opened in 1976, and over the years has seen many movie premieres of Hindi films, and has become a popular symbol of Jaipur.
It opened on...Read More


PVR Cinemas

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पीवीआर सिनेमाज 6

PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment company in India. The company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with 60:40 ratio. It began its commercial operations in June 1997. The company is founded by Ajay Bijli who is the chairman...Read More

बिग/कार्निवल सिनेमाज 7

Carnival Cinemas is a multiplex chain in India in 120 cities at 162 locations with over 470 operational screens. Carnival Cinemas caters to over 5 crore patrons annually and has a total seating capacity of over 1,50,000. Carnival Cinemas has recently added two more properties into the overseas market with opening of four new screens in Singapore with a total of 6 screens there. Their vision is to hold 1000 screens globally by 2020 .



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सिनेपोलिस 8

Cinépolis is a Mexican movie theater chain. Its name means City of Cinema and its slogan is La Capital del Cine (English: the Capital of Cinema).
Cinépolis is the biggest cineplex chain in Mexico with 427 theaters in 97 cities. It is also the largest chain in Latin America and the fourth largest...Read More


Prasads IMAX

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प्रसाद आईमैक्स 9

Prasad Group’s Prasad IMAX is a multiplex, which includes a movie theater, five screen multiplex, food courts, multinational fast food outlets, a gaming zone and a shopping mall. Opened in 2003, it is not the largest IMAX in the world but it has made a name for being the largest screen in the world. IMAX has the largest 3D screen in the world, located in Hyderabad. This is the third IMAX India received but its popularity is increasing rapidly.

एरिस्प्लेक्स एसएल सिनेमाज 10

Arisplex SL is India’s major multiplex chain. Erisplex SL’s first French Risi, Erisplex came into existence in Trivandrum. Manufacturer Franchise plans to expand its infrastructure across India by the end of 2017 and its drafts have been provided with highly modern technology and facilities. Erisplex is known for South India’s first 4K projector and seats.


Mayajaal Multiplex

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मायाजाल मल्टीप्लेक्स 11

Mayajaal (Phantasmagoria) is an entertainment center in Kanathur, Chennai, India. It is located on the East Coast Road and spread over an area of 30 acres. It consists of a shopping mall, a multiplex, a sports complex and a resort. Mayajaal has a sixteen screen multiplex and it is the second largest...Read More

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