Chaturbhuj Sahay

Dr Chaturbhuj Sahay (Hindi: चतुर्भुज सहाय ); known as Guru Maharaj, 3 November 1883 – 24 September 1957, was an Indian mystic and capable master (समर्थ गुरु). Due to the spiritual atmosphere at home the love of God was sown within him in early childhood, and his heart was colored with a slight color of detachment. From a young age he used to meet Saints and Yogiraj or learned ascetics (Sanyasi), and was influenced by several religious traditions.
He started spiritual organization Ramashram Satsang, Mathura in the name of his Guru Mahatma Ram Chandra (Lalaji), where the method of transfer of Soul Power has evolved to such an extent that the soul power is transferred not only on one to one basis but from one to many, which has now acquired India wide influence in the spread of spirituality and is spreading to other countries.
The system of meditation he preached is a synthesis between Karma (action), Upasana (devotion) and Gyaan (knowledge), ‘Love’ is mingled in all its methods, central focus is on the Spiritual Master, who by Soul-Power uplifts the aspirants and makes them experience the higher stages of spirituality.

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