Amar Singh Chamkila Assassination

Amar Singh Chamkila was a popular Punjabi singer, songwriter, musician, and composer.
Amar Singh Chamkila is regarded as one of the best live stage performers that Punjab has ever produced.
Having arrived to perform in Mehsampur, Punjab, both Chamkila and Amarjot were gunned down as they exited their vehicle on 8 March 1988 at approximately 2PM. A gang of motorcyclists fired several rounds, fatally wounding the couple and other members of the entourage. However, no arrests were ever made with connection to the shooting and the case was never solved.

There are many conspiracy theories as to why Chamkila was killed. It is widely reported that he had been the victim of several death threats. The nature of those threats or the rationale behind them still remains a mystery. The high-profile murder sparked a frenzy of controversy and speculation. Some of the most prominent theories explaining the killings are:

Honor killing. It is presumed Amarjot’s family could have been behind the murder in an effort to preserve their family name from cultural slander.
The Sikh separatism, Khalistani movement of the 1980s may have found Chamkila’s lyrical content to be objectionable. The movement may have killed him.
Due to the public’s declining interest in other Punjabi singers in favour of Chamkila, one or more of these other artists may have planned his killing. This theory is further backed by his colleagues (musicians, booking staff etc.) in a number of YouTube interviews.
Chamkila may have been murdered by an individual he might have refused to perform for due to a scheduling conflict or other reasons.

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