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Amaze File Manager

एमेज फाइल मैनेजर 1

Quick access media files · Inbuilt media players · File operations · Analyse junk files

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एनीड्रोइड 2

AnyDroid is the best file manager for Android that covers all your Android phones/tablets and consolidates every access to all your Android content in one …

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एनीसेंड 3

Quick & easy filesharing over wifi. Stop using email to send files to people on your wifi. Any Send is copy & paste for your home or office network.

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फीम 4

Unlimited File Transfers. Transfer large files around you without breaking the bank. Feem works device, directly to device. No Internet. No File Size Limits.

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ट्रेबलशॉट 5

TrebleShot is an open-source app that allows you to transfer files one to one securely or using a browser, all without the internet.

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Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

कूलमस्टर मोबाइल ट्रांसफर 6

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer offers you a secure data transfer solution with great speeds. Simply connect your two devices with a computer via USB cables,

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सीशेयर 7

Download cShare for your smartphone, speed, stable, faster file Transfer app ready to free for you. Are you willing to transfer files within your devices ?

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Documents by Readdle

डाक्यूमेंट्स बाय रीडल 8

At Readdle, success is not measured in tens of millions of downloads. What gets us out of bed is hearing how our apps change lives every day. We had over 160,000 customer emails just in 2021 – we’re proud of our story, but yours is even better.

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Dr.Fone – Phone Manager

डॉ.फोन - फोन मैनेजर 9

Dr.Fone is a complete mobile device solution for iOS and Android devices, it solves problems in any scenario

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ड्रॉपसेंड 10

Send large files with DropSend for free. Email files, store files online, control sends and downloads, and use DropSend for your business.

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Easy Share: WiFi FileTransfer

इजी शेयर: वाईफाई फाइल ट्रांसफर 11

With Easy Share, you can easily transfer files between android devices. – Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever. – Share by Wi-Fi P2P, speed goes up to 20M/s, no cellular/mobile data used. You can transfer files between PC and phone via http protocol.

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इजीज्वाइन 12

An essential application launcher for Android TV that does not replace the default launcher of the device.

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Egnyte is a software company headquartered in Mountain View, California. It sells cloud-based content security, compliance, and collaboration tools for businesses. Egnyte was founded in 2007 with a focus on modernized file servers, but it has since shifted to selling tools that help users securely collaborate with coworkers and third parties.

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एलाप्प 13

Elapp let’s you send files to mobile and desktop devices near you. Send photos and videos to friends nearby super fast without losing quality.

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ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer is a file manager/explorer designed by ES Global, a subsidiary of DO Global, for Android devices. It includes features like cloud storage integration, file transfer from Android to Windows via FTP or LAN, and a root browser. It was removed from the Google Play Store for committing click fraud.

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Fast File Transfer

फास्ट फाइल ट्रांसफर 14

FastFileTransfer has a simple mission: Offering fast, offline file exchange between literally any platforms.

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File By Google

File By Google

Files (formerly known as Files Go) is a file management app developed by Google for file browsing, media consumption, storage clean-up and offline file transfer. It was released by Google on December 5, 2017 with a custom version for China being released on May 30, 2018.On August 9, 2021, the app was updated to have the Material You design, with bigger buttons and labels, and support for Android 12’s Dynamic Theming.

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फ़ाइलक्लाउड 15

FileCloud is an enterprise file sharing, sync and backup solution that offers private, public and hybrid cloud content services.

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फाइलड्रॉप 16

FileDrop works as a file manager in your Google Sheets

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फाइल फ्लाई 17

Use FileFly to easily share files between devices on the same WiFi, Local area network, Private network, or VPN.

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फाइलमेल 18

With Filemail you can receive large files from your clients and customers. They can transfer files to you without needing to register or install anything.

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Files Go

फाइल्स गो 19

Files Go is a powerful local and network file management tool, focusing on file transfer, preview, management and iCloud file sharing group.

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Firefox Send

Firefox Send

Firefox Send was a free and open-source end-to-end encrypted file sharing web service developed by Mozilla. It was operational from August 1, 2017 until July 7, 2020.

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Flying Carpet

फ्लाइंग कारपेट 20

Flying Carpet transfers files to and from Windows and Linux with no wireless network or internet connection required

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KDE Connect

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a multi-platform application developed by KDE, which facilitates wireless communications and data transfer between devices over local networks. KDE Connect is available in the repositories of many Linux Distributions and F-Droid, Google Play Store for Android. Often, distributions bundle KDE Connect in their KDE Plasma desktop variant. KDE Connect has been reimplemented in the GNOME desktop environment as GSConnect, which can be obtained from Gnome Extension Store.

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Hightail, formerly YouSendIt, is a cloud service that lets users send and receive digitally sign and synchronize files. YouSendIt.com and YouSendIt Inc. were founded in 2004; the company renamed itself Hightail in 2013.
The company’s early focus was on helping users send files that were too large for email; it started adding features and plug-ins for businesses in 2007. The service grew quickly, and the firm raised $49 million in funding between 2005 and 2010. The service can now be used via the web, a desktop client, mobile devices, or from within business applications using a Hightail plugin.
In May 2015, the company launched Hightail Spaces, designed to encourage creative professionals from conception of an idea to delivery.In 2018, Hightail was acquired by OpenText.

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IBM Aspera

आईबीएम एस्पेरा 21

With IBM Aspera, transfer, send and share large files and big data, fast and securely, over any distance.

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इनशेयर 22

InShare is a great way to transfer important files from your old smartphone to your new one.

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इंस्टाशेयर 23

InstaShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration that allows smooth streaming of both audio files …

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Jio Switch

जिओ स्विच 24

JioSwitch is easy to use data transfer application. Supports a wide range of file types to transfer from one smartphone to another.

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Jumpshare is a visual communication platform that combines file sharing, screenshot capture, and screen recording in one app. It is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Web app. Jumpshare uses a freemium business model: free accounts are offered with limited storage, while a paid subscription is available with expanded storage and sharing options.

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KaKa Share

काका शेयर 25

KaKa Share can help users transfer files without any internet connection, which is the safest and easiest way to send and receive files face

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LG Mobile Switch

एलजी मोबाइल स्विच 26

LG Mobile Switch helps users move data from their old phones to new LG models.

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मैकड्रॉइड 27

MacDroid is the android file manager for Mac that allows you to easily manage all the files stored on your phone, no matter the brand. Manage Android devices with the touch of a button and edit all of your photos on the go, without downloading them on your computer.

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MobileTrans App

मोबाइल ट्रांस ऐप 28

MobileTrans is the strongest phone data transfer app with the fastest cross-platform transfer speed🤩This mobile transfer app can safely and seamlessly transfer both your phone data & WhatsApp data & WhatsApp Business data between iPhone and Android devices without compromising quality!

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माय ऐप शेर 29

MyAppSharer let you to easy share your apps to your friends or backup, you can share by link of Google play or directly share APK (App’s full package).

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Nearby Share

Nearby Share

Nearby Share is a feature of Google’s mobile and desktop operating systems Android and ChromeOS which allows data to be transferred via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Officially released to the general public on August 4, 2020 as the replacement of Android Beam, it provides rapid short-range exchange of images, videos, text, contact info, directions, YouTube videos, and other data. According to Google, Nearby Share allows users to reduce the time needed to send content down to simple taps.

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नाइट्रोशेयर 30

NitroShare was designed to be simple. The application uses broadcast discovery to find other devices on the local network with NitroShare installed.

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PandaDoc is an American software company that provides SaaS software. The platform provides sales processes software. PandaDoc is based in San Francisco, California with main offices in St. Petersburg, Florida. PandaDoc is document automation software as a service with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management, a document builder, and CPQ functionality. Some Belarusian-born employees of the company were persecuted in Belarus for participating in 2020 Belarusian protests.

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Parallels Transporter

परलेलस ट्रांसपोर्टर 31

Import all your data from a Windows PC to your Mac (Download this file to your PC not your Mac

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PC to Mobile Transfer

पीसी से मोबाइल ट्रांसफर 32

PC to Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer files between your Android device and a Windows PC using Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot or mobile network.

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पुशबुलेट 33

Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one. … Typing on a keyboard is so much faster than typing on a phone. Easily send and receive texts on …

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रेसिंक 34

Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solution provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of high-speed large data transfers with high security

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Realme share

रियलमी शेयर 35

जी हां, यह रियलमी शेयर है, जो आपको फाइल, फोटो, वीडियो और बहुत कुछ बहुत तेज गति से ट्रांसफर करने की सुविधा देता है और वह भी बिना कोई गुणवत्ता खोए।

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Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) by Resilio, Inc. is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire and BSD. It can sync files between devices on a local network, or between remote devices over the Internet via a modified version of the BitTorrent protocol.
Although not touted by the developers as an intended direct replacement nor competitor to cloud-based file synchronization services, it has attained much of its publicity in this potential role.

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rsync is a utility for efficiently transferring and synchronizing files between a computer and a storage drive and across networked computers by comparing the modification times and sizes of files. It is commonly found on Unix-like operating systems and is under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.Rsync is written in C as a single threaded application. The rsync algorithm is a type of delta encoding, and is used for minimizing network usage. Zlib may be used for additional data compression, and SSH or stunnel can be used for security.
Rsync is typically used for synchronizing files and directories between two different systems. For example, if the command rsync local-file user@remote-host:remote-file is run, rsync will use SSH to connect as user to remote-host. Once connected, it will invoke the remote host’s rsync and then the two programs will determine what parts of the local file need to be transferred so that the remote file matches the local one. One application of rsync is the synchronization of software repositories on mirror sites used by package management systems.Rsync can also operate in a daemon mode (rsyncd), serving and receiving files in the native rsync protocol (using the “rsync://” syntax).

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Samsung Smart Switch

सैमसंग स्मार्ट स्विच 36

Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, device settings and more to your new Galaxy …

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Send Anywhere

सेंड एनीवेयर 37

The easiest way to share files across all of your devices. Send files of any size and type, as many times as you want, all for free!

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सेंडो 38

There are many sharing apps on the market, so what makes our app special to share files and apps?

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Swift File Transfer

स्विफ्ट फ़ाइल ट्रांसफर 39

SFT – Swift File Transfer is award-winning Made in India and World’s fastest app to share installed apps, photos, files, folders, and videos at a high speed …

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Share ALL

शेयर आल 40

Offline Share any type of files (Apps , videos, photos , music , office , APK , PDF etc.) in any places at any time, without using mobile data .

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शेयर ड्रॉप 41

ShareDrop is a free, open-source web app that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between devices without uploading them to any server …

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ShareFile is a secure content collaboration, file sharing and sync software that supports all the document-centric tasks and workflow needs of small and large businesses. The company also offers cloud-based or on-premises storage, virtual data rooms and client portals. ShareFile is owned by Citrix Systems.

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SHAREit Lite

शेयरइट लाइट 42

SHAREit Lite is fast, no internet needed, conserves data and comes in a small App size! Send and receive files for free, no data needed.

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SHAREit is a peer-to-peer file sharing, content streaming and gaming platform that supports online and offline sharing of files and contents. It allows users access to short format videos and a wide range of games making it a multimedia entertainment app for users. It works on various smartphone platforms allowing users to share files between devices directly. SHAREit was developed as part of Lenovo at its initial stage but was later spun off and operated under a separate Singapore based technology company Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd.

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Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. ShareMe is a safe and easy-to-use app that supports wireless file sharing.

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Slack is an instant messaging program designed by Slack Technologies and owned by Salesforce. Although Slack was developed for professional and organizational communications, it has also been adopted as a community platform. Users can communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called “workspaces.” Slack also uses IRC-style features such as persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. In addition to these online communication features, Slack is able to integrate with other software. Slack runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

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Smart Transfer

स्मार्ट ट्रांसफर 43

The Best free File Transfer Sharing App & Content Transfer App with fastest cross-platform transfer speed to transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar,

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स्मार्टआईओ 44

Smartio is the leading smart home products provider in Lebanon, offering a wide range of top-quality smart home products that make your life easier.

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Snap Share

स्नैप शेयर 45

Introducing our revamped app with its new design and added features, making it a beautiful and fun way to share your precious moments with friends and family.

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स्नैपड्रॉप 46

Snapdrop for Android is an Android™ client for the free and open source local file sharing solution . Do you also sometimes have the

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Solid Explorer

सॉलिड एक्सप्लोरर 47

Solid Explorer is a file management app inspired by the old school file commander applications. It will help you

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सुपरबीम 48

SuperBeam makes sharing files (and entire folders) between Android devices a breeze. It uses WiFi direct technology or whatever WiFi connection available to …

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स्वीच 49

Sweech allows you to exchange files easily with any computer, tablet or smartphone. You no longer need any cable or other app, Sweech takes care of …

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स्विस ट्रांसफर 50

SwissTransfer is the safest and easiest way to securely share files worldwide .

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सिंक 51

Sync connects your internal teams, external partners, clients, customers, documents, files, computers and mobile devices together seamlessly, so everyone is …

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सिंकमेट 52

SyncMate is a file sync Mac software that helps you synchronize Mac computers with Android and iOS devices, other Macs, cloud accounts, MTP devices, …

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Synology Drive

सिनोलॉजी ड्राइव 53

Synology Drive makes it easy to manage files and folders in your personal space, shared team folders, and items shared with you. Easily view files shared in …

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Teleport is an open-source tool for providing zero trust access to servers and cloud applications using SSH, Kubernetes and HTTPS. It can eliminate the need for VPNs by providing a single gateway to access computing infrastructure via SSH, Kubernetes clusters, and cloud applications via a built-in proxy.Teleport started as an open source library used by the Gravity project to enable secure software deployments into restricted and regulated environments. Teleport was open sourced as a standalone tool by Gravitational Inc. in 2016. It is currently deployed in production by Samsung, NASDAQ, IBM, Ticketmaster, Epic Games and others. It has been publicly audited by technology security companies like Cure 53 and Doyensec.Alternatives to Teleport include a bastion host and strongDM.

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Vivo EasyShare

Vivo EasyShare

EasyShare – Experience the best data-free file transferring and sharing app on Play Store. It is fast, ads-free and it works without …

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wifi file transfer

वाईफ़ाई फ़ाइल ट्रांसफर 54

WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface,

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वाईफाईशेयर 55

WiFi Share is a simple application for sharing files and folders over a WiFi network. With WiFi technology transfer any files are faster and free compared …

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Windows Nearby Sharing

विंडोज नियरबाय शेयरिंग 56

This app allows you to use the Windows 10 / 11 built in “Nearby Sharing” feature from your Android device. You can send any file (single or multiple) or the

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वर्महोल 57

Wormhole lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires.

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जेंडर 58

Xender – A cross-platform file transfer and sharing app. Sharing files, photos, music, videos, contacts, even apps without mobile data usage

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एक्सशेयर 59

Share All Types of Files & Apps Transfer; Sharing apps your meets all your transfer needs. Data is not enough? Just Share All types of files Transfer

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Z Share

जेड शेयर 60

Z share is a file sharing application developed in India.You can share apps,videos,songs,photos etc. This app work without internet so you need not to worry

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Zapya (Chinese: 快牙; pinyin: kuai ya) is a peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows users to transfer files of any size and of any format without the need of an Internet connection. Dewmobile, Inc. initially conceived Kuai Ya in Silicon Valley, California, USA to target the Chinese market in 2012. However, the demand for the application spread to neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Pakistan. When the international user base had grown to a reasonable size, Dewmobile created a separate application known as Zapya to publish on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While Kuai Ya and Zapya are similar to each other, they include different APK and features in order to comply with Google Play Policies.
Zapya gained popularity in countries with low Internet penetration and poor Internet architecture because it allows users to share files without relying on an Internet or cellular data connection. The application is available on multiple platforms, including lower-end phone models, so that it is accessible to everyone. Users can transfer files of any kind and any size for free using a transfer method similar to Bluetooth and AirDrop. Some cellphone stores use Zapya’s “Phone Replicate” feature to transfer the data from their customers’ old phones to their new ones.

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Intel Unison

Intel Unison

Put your PC at the center of all you do.
Integrate your devices in a snap, with an intuitive one-time setup that’s fast and easy. Plus, Intel Unison is flexible, letting you connect your choice of PC and phone (Android or iOS). You’ll find Intel Unison exclusively on Evo laptops, coming soon—with later releases on even more of your favorite devices.

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