Shah-e-Alam's Roza, Ahmedabad

Shah-e-Alam’s Tomb and Mosque, also known as Rasulabad Dargah or Shah Alam no Rozo, is a medieval mosque and tomb complex (Roza) in Shah Alam area of Ahmedabad, India.
Shah e Alam was the son of Hazrath Syed Burhanuddin Qutub-ul-Alam and the great grandson of Hazrat Syed Makhdoom Jahaniyan Jahangasht. Attracted to the court of Ahmed Shah I, his father settled at Vatva and died there in 1452. Shah e Alam succeeded his father and, till his death in 1475, was the guide of Mahmud Begada’s youth, and afterwards one of the most revered of Muslim religious teachers of Ahmedabad.

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