Qaim Khan

Qaim Khan was a resident of Nimar (sometimes spelled as Nimad) of the Malwa region under the Central India Agency (now Madhya Pradesh). During the First War of Independence in 1857, Nimar’s tribal and non-tribal warriors and other revolutionaries fought against the British inspired by Mangal Pandey, Bheema Nayak and other regional leaders. Besides looting the treasury, the revolutionaries valiantly fought against the British. The Bhils, who were never very happy with the usurpation of their lands by the British, rose in revolt in what has come to be known as ‘The Great Bhil Rebellion of 1857-60’. After Tantya Tope’s arrival in Nimad in 1857, several Holkar employees and citizens joined the revolt against the British. Qaim Khan joined the anti-British rebel forces during the Uprising of 1857. He played an active role in fighting against the British troops at Mandleshwar (sometimes spelled as Mandaleshwar). The British made several attempts to crush the rebels but in vain but soon the British summoned up forces from other areas in addition to the local Corps and used a combination of force to subdue this rebellion. They were successful in the arrest of many of the revolutionaries addressed to be dangerous by them. Qaim Khan and his associates were also captured. Qaim Khan was convicted as a rebel against the British and sentenced to transportation for life across the sea. He was deported to the Andaman Islands where he died in detention.

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