Nurul Amin

Nurul Amin (15 July 1893 – 2 October 1974) , referred to as the ‘Patriot of Pakistan’, was a prominent Pakistani leader, and a jurist who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan and only Vice President of Pakistan. He is noted as being the last Bengali leader of Pakistan.
Starting his political career in 1948 as Chief Minister of East Bengal, he headed the Ministry of Supply. After participating in the 1970 Pakistani general election, Amin was appointed as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was the first and only Vice President of Pakistan from 1970 till 1972, leading Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
As an anti-war and principal Pakistan Movement activist, Amin is considered a patriot who worked to keep Pakistan united. He initially opposed the creation of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh Liberation War – but after the 25 March massacre, he devoted his position to reopening communication channels between the warring sides, curbing wartime crimes and repatriating Bengalis stranded in West Pakistan after the Bangladeshi liberation.

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