The zodiac of this constellation is Lord Surya and the constellation Swami Ketu. Magha Nakshatra comes in the Leo sign of the Sun. The constellation is Swami Ketu, its Mahadasha is 7 years old. Ketu is considered to be the torso of Rahu, while scientifically, Ketu is the south end of the earth. Such people are stubborn by virtue of Ketu being predominant. They cannot be removed from the mandate point of view. If they are told with love, they can do everything. The natives born in this nakshatra have influence on the Ascendant along with the Sun and Ketu.

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Generally, the term ‘Nakshatra’ is believed to mean ‘indestructible.’ They are an important part of India’s Vedic culture. The Vedic system of Astrology (zodiac) has been divided into 28 Nakshatras or lunar constellations. Their use is crucial in the astrological study. These Nakshatras define the distinctiveness of the planets placed in them. You can find…