Chitra Nakshatra

There is a fourteenth constellation in the celestial sphere. The deity of Chitra Nakshatra is Tvashta who is an Aditya. The first two phases of this nakshatra fall in Virgo. This constellation is identified by the name Pe Po. Nakshatra Swami Mars Rashi Swami Mercury These two planets have a special effect on the native. After this, according to the lagna, it also gets its fruit. Mars signifies courage, energy, ambition, fiery nature. Along with this, the combined vision of other planets also shows its own effect. Sometimes, if there is inauspicious position of Mars or sight from Saturn, then a negative reason is also formed. If you are with Mars and Guru and see the zodiac owner Mercury, then the skilled businessman gets a high position in the administrative officer, police or army.
Such a person can become a good lawyer with a good speaker. CA. Also becomes a factor of. Mars-Venus combination will make that native beautiful but also sexy. If Mars is with Sun, then such a person achieves success by going in courageous, mighty, high administration services of very bright nature. Succeed in politics.

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